Dec 182014

Wealth isn’t just about money. There are many important elements to the realization of personal wealth. It is necessary to love and live by life’s paradoxes in order to attract the experience of a wealthy life.

To attract a wealthy life is to be the master of your own actions and experiences. It means understanding and loving all the reactions that result from those actions. There really are no “bad” experiences. There are only experiences. The real name for these experiences is “lessons”. Every lesson is a new deposit in our personal wealth bank. If we can set aside the reflexive inclination to judge our experiences, we can as the result begin to see and appreciate their true value in our accumulation of life wealth.

There are ways to attract these lessons by embracing paradox. Here are some examples –

We should be both aggressive and patient in our intentions.
We should be critical and thankful regarding the outcome of our efforts.
We should be enticing and humble in all our encounters with others.
We should be calculating and generous with our plans and goals.

On the surface, the above postures appear to be opposed to each other. And that is the paradox. Aggressive actions cause energy to move, and patience allows that energy to find the right channels and produce beneficial results. A critical view of these outcomes brings about understanding, and thankfulness shows appreciation. Enticement draws focus to our intentions and humility fosters trust from those we engage with. Calculation builds a foundation and framework for our endeavors, and generosity assures the most beneficial outcome for others.

That is how seeking and loving paradox can lead to attracting many elements of a wealthy life to ourselves.

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