Jun 142012

The following text is extracted from the Forward of my book:

“Congratulations! You are perfect! You are the perfect sum of all the choices, actions, habits and practices that have led to where you are now. Everything about you precisely reflects your conscious and subconscious intent. You are living proof that what you are is exactly what you set out to become. Of course you have had countless outside influences and encountered many detours along your life pathway, but you still made the ultimate choices that led you to your current place and circumstance. So it could rightly be said that you are a master and a genius because you have been 100% successful in the process of setting a life course and arriving at your present destination!”

Do you agree with the above statement? Are you satisfied with where you are now in the context of this statement? If you are, then congratulations again! If you are not, how can you change course? Are you familiar with the Five Pillars of Wealth? Do you have a practice or plan for changing your life homeostasis? I am hoping this book will provide you with some valuable assistance and direction.

Jun 092012

Have you thought about how your life will change when you become wealthy? Because it will definitely change in many ways, and you may find some of the changes to be difficult and even unpleasant. That is not a reason to avoid becoming wealthy. No matter what your current life circumstance is, there are aspects and elements that are difficult and unpleasant, so you have not escaped that reality now, and you will not then. But the challenges will be different. One of them is that there very well may be people in your life, people that matter to you and you to them, who will become angry with you and find it difficult to stay connected to you in the way they presently are. Can you handle that? Knowing this probability before it comes into reality will go a long way toward helping you manage it effectively and beneficially. If it takes you by surprise, it may result in causing you to step off your personal path to wealth due to the fear and disorientation you may experience. In Chapter 8 of the book (Chart Your Own Course to Personal Wealth), this experience is described as homeostasis and it explains what is really going on when this happens and what you can do to overcome this challenge on the path.