The Seven Day Path to Wealth: A Meditation on Building Personal Wealth

-by Kent Comfort

  • An inspirational book about manifesting true wealth in one’s life.

If you decide to read this book and take the ideas in it seriously, that means you have decided you want to find your passion, dedicate yourself to pursuing it, and you do not intend to quit until you have realized your dream.

Within these pages, you will find the techniques, clues, and practices that are proven down through history to deliver those results if you apply them and allow them to become the essence of who you are.  That’s a promise.


I have known Kent Comfort for over twenty years. He has done what he teaches and he lives according to the principles in his book. In standing up for the ideas of openness, gratitude, balance and sufficiency in his business and personal life, his real-world example is what informs his book. In The Seven Day Path to Wealth, Comfort presents a capsule of spiritual principles that underlie the growth of true wealth.

-Jim Gilkeson, Energy healing, Author

Kent Comfort has distilled the practical wisdom he has gleaned from a lifetime of study, created his own, often witty spin on the eternal verities he has encountered in much longer works, and gives us lightning-fast access to a life-altering mid-set. 

-Paul Meier, University of Kansas Professor, Author

How can you become wealthy by Kent’s definition?  The Seven Day Path To Wealth:  A Meditation On Building Personal Wealth is the best book I know of for you to re-write so you can tell your story, and be wealthier for the telling.  You will be thankful you read this book, and even more thankful if you allow it to inspire you to write your own version of it, or at least write your own footnotes to it.”

-Bob Nunley, Dean of Faculty Holos University, University of Kansas Professor Emeritus